Implementation of the outcome of the World Summit for Social Development and of the twenty-fourth special session of the General Assembly

Issue: Poverty Eradication
Category: UN General Assembly Reports on Social Development

In the present report, the Secretary-General stresses the need to regain lost ground and strengthen national actions and international cooperation to achieve the goals and objectives of the World Summit for Social Development and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. He reviews the progress made since 1995, examines the current state of play and highlights global challenges to social development. In this context, the Secretary-General calls upon Member States to commit to bold and transformative actions to revive progress and outlines policies and programmes to address the rise in extreme poverty and food insecurity, the lack of access to quality education and energy and the shortage of employment and decent work around the world. He also presents the outcomes of the sixty-first session of the Commission for Social Development and concludes by identifying policy recommendations for consideration by Member States.