State of the World's Indigenous Peoples, Volume III, Education

State of the World's Indigenous Peoples, Volume III, Education
Issue: Indigenous Peoples
Category: Flagship Reports

Recognizing the gaps in analytical research on the situation of indigenous peoples, the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues called for a report on the state of the world’s indigenous peoples. The Forum believed that this report will help dispel the myths and inconsistencies about indigenous peoples, and demonstrate their unique identity and traditions, as contributions to the world’s bio-cultural diversity. In response, DESA issued the State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples in 2009. This was the first global, authoritative report by the UN system to focus on indigenous peoples, with the 2014 second edition focusing on Indigenous Peoples’ Access to Health.

The third edition has been prepared with the contributions of experts on indigenous education, a key focus area for the UN Permanent Forum. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, who started his career as a teacher, recently said that mothers and fathers around the world would make any sacrifice for their children’s education. Indigenous peoples fully realise that education is key for preserving their traditions and building their future.