About the World Social Report (WSR)

© FAO/Luis Tato The production of shea nuts and butter are among the most accessible income-generating activities for rural women in Northern Ghana.

The World Social Report (WSR), formerly known as the Report on the World Social Situation, is a publication issued by the Division for Inclusive Social Development of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA). This report serves as a valuable tool for analyzing and researching global social development issues. It offers valuable insights into current trends and upcoming challenges.

Throughout the years, the report has been utilized as a document for discussing and analyzing socio-economic matters at the intergovernmental level. Its objective is to help identify global social trends and analyze the connections between major development issues that are important at both the international and national levels.

The report covers a wide range of topics related to inclusive social development such as poverty, inequality, and employment. It is is a valuable resource for policymakers, researchers, and anyone interested in understanding the social aspects of global development. It offers data, analysis, and policy recommendations to promote social progress and tackle challenges faced by societies worldwide. The report is regularly released to reflect current social realities and emerging issues.

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In its resolution 56/177 of 15 December 2001, the United Nations General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to change the periodicity of the Reports on the World Social Situation from a four-year cycle to a two-year cycle. The resolution A/RES/56/177 is available in the following languages:
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