DISD Webinar: The future of work

Date: Wed, Jun 26 2024 | Webinar
Location: UNHQ New York
Time: 10:00 - 11:30am
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The world of work is undergoing major transformations. The digital revolution and the green transition bring new job opportunities but also disrupt labour markets. Global integration continues to affect job creation, destruction and the quality of jobs as well. While a dystopian future without work is unlikely, growing employment insecurity, persistent informality and the proliferation of other precarious forms of work are putting pressure on societies and polarizing political discourses.

Are reforms intended to reduce labour protection and lower labour costs an inevitable outcome of global competition and technological innovation? How have countries managed the effects of these global trends? Which policies can help shape a future with more decent work and inclusive labour markets—and which policies are detrimental to these goals? What is the international community’s role in forging a path towards decent work for all?

In this webinar, Richard Samans, Haroon Bhorat and Valerio De Stefano will discuss recent trends in the world of work and provide some answers to these questions.





Haroon Bhorat is a Professor of Economics in the School of Economics and Director of the Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU), at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. His research interests cover labour economics, poverty and income distribution. He has co-authored two books on labour market and poverty issues in South Africa, and has published more than 150 academic journal articles, book chapters and working papers.

Richard Samans is Director of the International Labour Organization’s Research Department. He served previously as Founder and Chairman of the Climate Disclosure Standards Board, a Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, and Director-General of the Global Green Growth Institute. His latest book “Human-Centered Economics: The Living Standards of Nations” examines the chronic underperformance of economies with respect to inclusion, sustainability and resilience.

Valerio De Stefano is the Canada Research Chair in Innovation, Law and Society at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto, Canada His research focuses on Artificial Intelligence in the workplace, algorithmic management and platform work in the gig economy. He is the co-author of "Your Boss is an Algorithm" (Hart, 2022) and wrote or edited numerous other publications in the field of labour regulation and technology.