55+ Innovative Solutions for Youth Inclusion

Photo: Life Project 4 Youth (L4PY)

Life Project 4 Youth (L4PY) is a worldwide movement focused on a single goal: the social and professional inclusion of excluded young adults from extreme poverty.

At the heart of LP4Y lies a central observation: too many Youths are left behind, with no decent opportunities to build their lives.

The Youth are our future. We need to create now the conditions that will allow them to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. Youth inclusion is a global issue, affecting everyone. We all have a role to play as “Catalysts of change”.

LP4Y supports young adults in their search for stable jobs, decent living conditions, and above all, an existence in which they are truly actors of their own lives. It now has the benefit of 15 years’ experience of action, experimentation and discovery. This is more than 8000 Young adults from excluded backgrounds who have been empowered, and who impacted more than 106000 community members.

The movement’s actions are inspired by the untapped potential of the Youth, and this White paper presents innovative solutions - practical and field-oriented but also conceptual - that address Youth exclusion by tapping into that potential.

What are these solutions and how do they work? These are the two main questions the LP4Y teams challenged themselves to answer, seeking to be as concrete as possible. 

This book is the culmination of 15 years of experience, 548 days of meticulous research and collaboration involving over 40 catalysts and co-writers. This 250-page masterpiece presents 55+ specific tools aiming at cultivating a solid ecosystem, implementing systemic solutions, and fostering strong talent management.

55+ Solutions is an ally to all actors from institutions, profits, and non-profit environments, for inspiration and actionable initiatives for successful youth inclusion stories worldwide. 

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Together we can change the lives of talented Young People victims of exclusion!

Source: L4PY