Studies and Reports by Members of the Permanent Forum

23rd Session Studies and Reports (2024)

E/C.19/2024/7 Financing the future: the financial needs of Indigenous Peoples to support their actions for biodiversity, climate and the protection of Mother Earth, by Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim AR | EN ES | FR | RU | ZH

E/C.19/2024/3 Guiding principles for the implementation of Indigenous Peoples’ rights to autonomy and self-government, by Tove Søvndahl Gant, Suleiman Mamutov and Valentina Vyacheslavovna Sovkina  AR EN ES FR RU ZH

E/C.19/2024/5 Improving the health and wellness of Indigenous Peoples globally: operationalization of Indigenous determinants of health, by Geoffrey Roth AR | EN | ES | FR | RU | ZH

E/C.19/2024/6 Criminalization of Indigenous Peoples’ human rights, by Naw Ei Ei Min and Rodrigo Eduardo Paillalef Monnard AR | EN | ES | FR | RU | ZH

22nd Session Studies and Reports (2023)

E/C.19/2023/5 Indigenous Determinants of Health in the 2030 Agenda by Simón Freddy Condo Riveros, Hannah McGlade and Geoffrey Roth 


E/C.19/2023/6 Implementing Free, Prior and Informed Consent in the Context of Indigenous Peoples by Alexey Tsykarev 

21st Session Studies and Reports (2022)

E/C.19/2022/10 Study on The Use of Indigenous Languages in Formal Education Systems in Latin America, Southern Africa and Northern Eurasia by Sven-Erik Soosaar, Irma Pineda Santiago and Bornface Museke Mate

E/C.19/2022/9 Study on the rights of indigenous peoples in relation to the global energy mix by Darío José Mejía Montalvo

E/C.19/2022/8 Study on Collective Intellectual Property and the Appropriation of the Ideas and Creations of Indigenous Peoples by Irma Pineda Santiago and Simón Freddy Condo Riveros

E/C.19/2022/7 Study on Indigenous peoples and resource conflicts in the Sahel and in the Congo Basin by Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim and Vital Bambanze

20th Session Studies and Reports (2021)

E/C.19/2021/5 Study on indigenous peoples and climate change by Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

E/C.19/2021/8 Study on Representative institutions and models of self-governance of indigenous peoples in Eastern Europe, the Russian
Federation, Central Asia and Transcaucasia: ways of enhanced participation by Grigory Evguenievich Lukiyantsev, Sven-Erik Soosaar and Aleksei Tsykarev

E/C.19/2021/9 Study on The rights of indigenous peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean in the context of the exceptional measures adopted during the pandemic by Darío José Mejía Montalvo

19th Session Studies and Reports (2020)

E/C.19/2020/5 Study on indigenous peoples’ autonomies: experiences and perspectives by Jens Dahl

18th Session Studies and Reports (2019)

E/C.19/2019/9 Study on Tuberculosis and Indigenous Peoples by Mariam Wallet Aboubakrine

17th Session Studies and Reports (201)

E/C.19/2018/9 Study to examine conservation and indigenous peoples’ human rights by Brian Keane and Elifuraha Laltaika

16th Session Studies and Reports (2017)
15th Session Studies and Reports (2016)

E/C.19/2016/3 Study on the relationship between indigenous peoples and the Pacific Ocean, taking into account issues of governance, the effects of climate change, deep sea mining, resources and sustainable development by Valmaine Toki

E/C.19/2016/4 Study on how States exploit weak procedural rules in international organizations to devalue the United Nations Declaration and other international human rights law by Edward John and Dalee Sambo Dorough

14th Session Studies and Reports (2015)

E/C.19/2015/9 Cross-border issues, including recognition of the right of indigenous peoples to trade in goods and services across borders and militarized areas by Megan Davis

E/C.19/2015/4 Study on the treatment of traditional knowledge in the framework of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the post-2015 development agenda by María Eugenia Choque Quispe

13th Session Studies and Reports (2014)

E/C.19/2014/2 Study to examine challenges in the African region to protecting traditional knowledge, genetic resources and folklore by Paul Kanyinke Sena

E/C.19/2014/3 Study on the impacts of the Doctrine of Discovery on indigenous peoples, including mechanisms, processes and instruments of redress by Edward John

E/C.19/2014/4 Study on best practices and examples in respect of resolving land disputes and land claims, including consideration of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (Philippines) and the Chittagong Hill Tracts Land Dispute Resolution Commission (Bangladesh) and the Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights by Raja Devasish Roy and Simon William M’Viboudoulou

E/C.19/2014/5 Report on the living conditions of indigenous children and adolescents in Mesoamerica and compliance with their rights by Alvaro Pop and Myrna Cunningham

E/C.19/2014/6 Examination of the situation of indigenous peoples and their participation in democracies and electoral processes in Latin America under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by Alvaro Pop

E/C.19/2014/7 Study on an optional  protocol to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples focusing on a voluntary mechanism by Dalee Sambo Dorough and Megan Davis

12th Session Studies and Reports (2013)

E/C.19/2013/5 Study on resilience, traditional knowledge and capacity-building for pastoralist communities in Africa by Paul Kanyinke Sena

E/C.19/2013/6 Study on the situation of indigenous persons with disabilities, with a particular focus on challenges faced with respect to the full enjoyment of human rights and inclusion in development by Myrna Cunningham and Paul Kanyinke Sena

E/C.19/2013/7 Indigenous People’s Rights and Safeguards in Projects related to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) by Myrna Cunningham, Paul Kanyinke Sena and Bertie Xavier

E/C.19/2013/8 Study on the Right to participation in decision-making processes of indigenous youth in the Nordic countries by Eva Biaudet

E/C.19/2013/9 Study on the extent of violence against indigenous women and girls in terms of article 22 (2) of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by Eva Biaudet, Megan Davis, Helen Kaljulate and Valmaine Toki

E/C.19/2013/11 Study on the extractive industries in Mexico and the situation of indigenous peoples in the territories in which those industries are located by Saul Vicente Vasquez

E/C.19/2013/12 Study on decolonization of the Pacific region by Valmaine Toki

E/C.19/2013/13 Study on the rights of indigenous peoples and truth commissions and other truth-seeking mechanisms on the American continent by Edward John, Myrna Cunningham and Álvaro Pop

E/C.19/2013/14 Study on engaging indigenous peoples more inclusively in the process of disaster risk reduction by respecting linguistic and cultural practices of indigenous peoples known to be at risk by Paimaneh Hasteh and Myrna Cunningham

E/C.19/2013/15 Review of the World Bank operational policies, to analyze participation mechanisms on indigenous peoples and determine to what extent those policies respect the UN Declaration by Eva Biaudet

E/C.19/2013/16 Consolidated report on extractive industries and their impact on indigenous peoples by Saul Vicente Vasquez

E/C.19/2013/17 Study on how the knowledge, history and contemporary social circumstances of indigenous peoples are embedded in the curricula of education systems by Myrna Cunningham and Álvaro Pop

E/C.19/2013/18 A Study on National Constitutions and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by Megan Davis, Simon William M’Viboudoulou, Valmaine Toki, Paul Kanyinke Sena, Edward John, Álvaro Esteban Pop Ac and Raja Devasish Roy

E/C.19/2013/20 Study on the impact of the mining boom upon indigenous communities in Australia by Megan Davis

11th Session Studies and Reports (2012)

E/C.19/2012/3 An analysis on the duty of the State to protect indigenous peoples affected by transnational corporations and other business enterprises by Paimaneh Hasteh

E/C.19/2012/4 Study on the Impacts of land use change and climate change on indigenous reindeer herders’ livelihoods and land management, including culturally adjusted criteria for indigenous land uses by Anna Naykanchina

E/C.19/2012/8 Study on shifting cultivation and the socio-cultural integrity of indigenous peoples by Raja Devasish Roy, Bertie Xavier and Simon William M’Vidouboulou

E/C.19/2012/10 Study, as examples of good practice, of the Indigenous participatory mechanisms in the Arctic Council, the Circumpolar Inuit Declaration on Resource Development Principles in Inuit Nunaat, and the Laponia management system by Dalee Sambo Dorough

10th Session Studies and Reports (2011)

E/C.19/2011/2 Response to comments made by some Member States on the annex to the report of the Permanent Forum on its eighth session (E/2009/43) at the general segment of the substantive session of the Economic and Social Council, in July 2009 by Lars-Anders Baer, Bartolomé Clavero Salvador, Michael Dodson and Carsten Smith

E/C.19/2011/4 International Criminal Law and the Judicial Defence of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights by Bartolomé Clavero Salvador

E/C.19/2011/6 Study on the status of implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Accord of 1997 by Mr. Lars-Anders Baer

E/C.19/2011/12 Study on Indigenous Peoples and Corporations to Examine the Existing Mechanisms and Policies Related to Corporations and Indigenous Peoples and to Identify Good Practices by Elisa Canqui Mollo, Carlos Mamani Condori, Pavel Sulyandziga

9th Session Studies and Reports (2010)

E C.19/2010/2 Report on indigenous fishing rights in the seas with case studies from Australia and Norway by Carsten Smith and Michael Dodson

E C.19/2010/4 Study on consideration and recognition of Mother Earth rights by Carlos Mamani Candori and Bartolome Clavero

E/C.19/2010/7 Study on the Extent to which Climate Change Policies and Projects Adhere to the Standards set forth in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by Hassan Id Balkassm, Paimaneh Hasteh

E/C.19/2010/11 Indigenous Peoples and boarding Schools: A Comparative Study

E/C.19/2010/13 Impact on Indigenous Peoples of the International Legal construct known as the Doctrine of Discovery, which has served as the Foundation of the Violation of their Human Rights by Tonya Gonnella Frichner

E/C.19/2010/15 Study on the impact of climate change adaptation and mitigation measures on reindeer herding by Lars-Anders Baer

E/C.19/2010/18 The Copenhagen Results of the UNFCCC; Implications for Indigenous Peoples’ Local Adaptation and Mitigation by Victoria Tauli-Corpuz and Lars-Anders Baer

E C.19 2010 CRP.1 Report on Corporations and Indigenous Peoples by Pavel Sulyandziga

E C.19 2010 CRP.4 The Human Development Framework and Indigenous Peoples’ Self-determined Development or Development with Culture and Identity by Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

8th Session Studies and Reports (2009)

E/C.19/2009/CRP. 7 A draft guide on the relevant principles contained in the UNDRIP, International Labour Organisation Convention No. 169 and International Labour Organisation Convention No. 107 that relate to Indigenous land tenure and management arrangements by Michael Dodson

7th Session Studies and Reports (2008)

E/C.19/2008/2  Structures, procedures and mechanisms that currently exist or that might be established to effectively address the human rights situation of indigenous peoples by Ida Nicolaisen and Wilton Littlechild

E/C.19/2008/9  Indicators of well-being, poverty and sustainability relevant to indigenous peoples by Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

E/C.19/2008/10  Impact of Climate Change Mitigation Measures on Indigenous Peoples and on Their Territories and Lands by Victoria Tauli-Corpuz and Aqqaluk Lynge

E/C.19/2008/CRP. 6  Nota sobre el Alcance del Mandato Contenido en el Artículo 42 de la Declaración sobre los Derechos de los Pueblos Indígenas y el Mejor Modo de Satisfacerlo por Parte del Foro Permanente para las Cuestiones Indígenas by Bartolomé Clavero

6th Session Studies and Reports (2007)

E/C.19/2007/CRP. 6  Oil Palm and Other Commercial Tree Plantations, Monocropping: Impacts on Indigenous Peoples’ Land Tenure and Resource Management Systems and Livelihoods by Victoria Tauli-Corpuz and Parshuram Tamang

E/C.19/2007/5 Analysis of the Recommendations and state of implementation from the Fourth session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues by Victoria Tauli-Corpuz and Wilton Littlechild

E/C.19/2007/10 Report on Indigenous Traditional Knowledge by Michael Dodson