Indigenous Peoples’ autonomy and self-governance: regional dialogue on North America

27 January 2022

On Friday 4 February, the Department of Economic and Social Affairs will organize a regional dialogue on North America on Indigenous Peoples’ autonomy and self-governance, in cooperation with the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

The dialogue will take place at 2 pm in New York (EST).

The dialogue will be moderated by Mr. Geoffrey Roth, member of the Permanent Forum.

At its twentieth session, the Permanent Forum committed to facilitating informal online regional dialogues on autonomy and self-governance to support the development of guiding principles for the realization of the rights of indigenous peoples to autonomy and self-government.  Guiding questions for consideration of speakers and participants are:

  • How can Indigenous people in North American provide guidance and leadership globally around self-governance and autonomy? How can the UN and member nations support tribal Self-governance?
  • When thinking about tribal sovereignty and autonomy what comes to mind in relation to the Boarding school crisis? How does strengthening our governance improve our condition?
  • When addressing boarding school repatriation of the remains of students, how do we maintain our independence and right to autonomy while navigating multiple jurisdictions and power structures (nation, province, state, church, etc.)?
  • When mitigating intergenerational Trauma how do we ensure respect for our ancestors and our Indigenous peoples today?
  • Identify potential problems faced by tribal governments when addressing the discoveries of graves containing the remains of students that once attended residential schools.

Registration is open for the following:
-Indigenous peoples’ representatives and organizations
-Member States
-NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC

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