Regional reviews of the fourth review and appraisal of the implementation of MIPAA

In accordance with the modalities for the fourth review and appraisal cycle, Regional Commissions have been requested to continue to facilitate the review and appraisal exercise at the regional level, including through consultation with relevant regional bodies, as appropriate, by, inter alia:

  1. Providing assistance to Member States, upon request, in the organization of their national review and appraisal exercises;
  2. Organizing regional review meetings;
  3. Assisting Member States, upon request, in following up on analysis resulting from the regional reviews;
  4. Using an inclusive and coordinated approach in relation to the participation of civil society in the planning and evaluation processes of the review and appraisal exercise;
  5. Promoting networking and the sharing of information and experiences;
  6. Providing an analysis of the main findings, identifying key priority action areas and good practices and suggesting policy responses by 2022;
  7. Assisting and providing advice to Governments, upon their request, within existing resources, in the gathering, synthesis and analysis of information, as well as in the presentation of the findings of national reviews and appraisals

Regional Review Reports

Processes at the Regional Level