Rio+20 Outcome Document includes disability

Dear friends in the global disability and development community,

We are pleased to share the good news that disability has been included in the Rio+20 Outcome Document – a result of our joint efforts in advocacy and partnership toward disability-inclusive development in the work of the United Nations and beyond.
The Rio +20 Outcome Document, "The future we want", has five specific references to disability, namely: responsibilities of States to respect, protect and promote human rights and fundamental freedom for all (paragraph 9); participation and access to information and judicial and administrative proceedings for promotion of sustainable development (paragraph 43); affirming that green economy policies in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication should ...enhance the welfare of persons with disabilities (paragraph 58(k)); commit to promote an integrated approach to planning and building sustainable cities and urban settlements, and commit to promote sustainable development policies that support inclusive housing and social services; a safe and healthy living environment for all, particularly, disabled persons (paragraph 135) and finally, stress the need for ensuring equal access to education for persons with disabilities (paragraph 229).
We encourage you spread the news and begin to take measures to help translate these commitments into specific actions by Governments and all stakeholders in the international community to ensure that persons with disabilities – their rights, needs and concerns – are included in sustainable development policies and practices, everywhere.
Let's make the future we want!
Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Division for Social Policy and Development
Department of Economic and Social Affairs

United Nations